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Out Of The Park: DeMarini® Baseball Bats & Softball Bats

Step up to the plate with a baseball classic. DeMarini® baseball bats are crafted for nothing but performance on the swing.

Get the fit and feel that’s right for your game. DeMarini® baseball bats are constructed in a variety of bat lengths, ranging from 27 to 34 inches. Select the drop, bat diameter and grip material that matches your playing style.

Choose from aluminum alloy, classic woods and maples and innovative composite materials. From youth baseball to slow pitch softball and bats built for senior-level play, get the game you need in the box with DeMarini®.

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Expert Advice

Always consider your strength, hitting style and league requirements when selecting your DeMarini® baseball bat. Larger players tend to benefit from heavier bats-they can take advantage of the added swinging power. Smaller and younger players need a lighter bat for increased swing speed. Think about the following factors when making your selection:

  • The bat drop is also known as the bat's length to weight ratio. This figure is denoted with the bat's "minus" number-for example, -3 or -5. The drop describes the amount of ounces the bat weighs less than its length in inches. Wood baseball bats and softball bats are not identified as with a drop.
  • The bat's barrel size is simply the diameter of the bat. Generally, the longer your bat, the larger your sweet spot-the area on the bat that makes substantial contact. Many players prefer a bat with a smaller diameter. This lightens the weight to increase your swing speed.
  • The grip is the handle's cover. Most covers are made of a texturized material to improve grip. Rubber grips absorb more shock, while leather or synthetic leather grips deliver a "strengthened" feel for a confident grip. Some bats are available with specialized grips to minimize vibration.

DeMarini® baseball bats are constructed in a variety of materials:

  • Maple and wood DeMarini® baseball bats provide a classic baseball look, feel and sound at the plate. Some leagues require wood bats, which deliver a more customized swing and aid in correct batting form.
  • Composite DeMarini® bats are an industry leader and provide optimal balance and sweet spot.
  • Composite-Alloy DeMarini® bats are constructed with create thinner bat walls for improved "pop" off the bat. A larger sweet spot and balanced feel promote consistent batting performance.

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