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From city streets to the open trail, Diamondback® delivers bikes for every cyclist.

Choose a Diamondback® bike designed for your journey. Consider where you will be riding and what your goals are as a cyclist: Are you looking for a relaxed weekend ride in the Great Outdoors, or are you beginning a serious training regimen?

Select from the following models:

  • Diamondback® mountain bikes are designed to handle rough terrain encountered on unpaved trails and off-road adventures. These bikes are built with sturdy frames and high clearance that enables them to overcome mud, rocks and debris encountered on the trail. They come with upright handlebars for easy handling and wide tires for ample shock absorption.
  • Diamondback® road bikes are best for riding on pavement. These bikes are a great match for commuters, fitness riders and long-distance athletes. They are designed with narrow, high-pressured tires that provide a smooth ride, as well as a lighter frame and higher seating position.
  • Diamondback® hybrid bikes are best for casual road riding or cruising along smooth dirt trails. Hybrids are an excellent utility bike. They possess the lightweight frame of a road bike with the wide tires and high clearance of a mountain bike.
  • Diamondback® cruiser bikes are designed for style. Leisure riders love biking neighborhood streets or the community park on a cruiser designed with vintage-inspired features, fun colors and an eye-catching design.
  • Diamondback® BMX bikes are designed to perform tricks and jumps on the track or at the park. Their frames and wheels are smaller for maneuverability, and can ride on different types of surfaces.
  • Kids' Diamondback® bikes are ideal for tweens who are looking for an upgrade from their training bike. Kids' bikes are designed to give little ones confidence when cruising the driveway. Look for bikes that come with removable training wheels.

Expert Advice

Discover Diamondback's collection: Find mountain bikes engineered for rugged terrain or stylish cruiser bicycles that ride easy on neighborhood roads. Get in the saddle of a Diamondback® road bike for a fast, agile ride or teach youngsters the ropes on a Diamondback® bike for kids.

Leisure riders love the versatility of hybrid and comfort bikes from Diamondback®, and daredevils thrive on Diamondback® BMX bikes. Find women's-specific bikes designed with a lighter frame, better suiting a woman's size and body build.

Outfit your bike with parts, tools and accessories, perfect for making quick tune-ups on the road.

Give your bike a custom-like feel with accessories from Diamondback®. Find BMX pedals and pegs, bike chains and grips that ensure your hand will never slip from the bars again. Shop everything from tires, brake pads, brake levers and more.