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Easton® Hockey Gear: Elevate Your Game On The Ice

Easton® hockey gear is designed for nothing but performance on the ice. Suit up with this breakthrough collection of skates, sticks, protective gear and more.

When the game is on the line, you can count on gear from Easton®. Face the competition with Easton® hockey skates built for precision and sturdy-yet-lightweight Easton® hockey sticks.

Shop Easton® protective gear, including helmets, hockey gloves, girdle shells and much more. When the game's over, pack it all up in an Easton® hockey bag. Looking for more? Check out the entire collection of hockey equipment at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

Protective gear is critical for the ice—and Easton® protective gear is designed for the ice.

Easton® hockey gloves offer players both protection and optimal flexibility. These gloves are designed with an innovative five-piece cuff that promotes natural mobility. Microfiber palms polyurethane padding shield your hands from impact.

Easton® hockey pants are designed with floating pads for a full range of motion and maximum coverage. A lightweight foam spine protector guards your back without slowing you down. Hockey shoulder pads from Easton® are built to protect the sternum, spine and bicep to maximize your upper body protection.

Easton® hockey helmets designed with a low-profile shell that’s optimized for natural ventilation and air flow. Built-in moisture-channels and a single-density vinyl nitrile liner keep you focused on the next shot on goal.

Many Easton® hockey sticks are constructed with from carbon-graphite, which produces a strong yet lightweight and balanced stick on the ice. These sticks often employ a replaceable blade.

The blade of your hockey stick is designed for a particular “curve.” Curves are defined as straight, left or right. Curved blades allow you to lift the puck and spin it, but make it more difficult to shoot or pass from behind. Players just learning the game should opt for a blade with a lesser curve, which gives you better control during play.

Next, think about the lie of your Easton® hockey stick. Lie is defined as the angle between the blade and the shaft. The lie is always printed on the front of a stick’s shaft. This figure ranges between 4 and 8. As a rule, lower lie angled sticks are used for players who skate low to the ice, carrying the puck out in front of them. Higher lies are for players who skate upright and move the puck closer to the skates.

Finally, consider the stiffness of your stick. Stiffness or flex determines the control and performance of your Easton® hockey stick. Stiffness is denoted as medium, stiff and extra stiff. Beginners should look for a lightweight stick, which is easier to control on the ice. Bigger, stronger players can take advantage of a heavier, stiffer stick.