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Types of Easton® Mako -10

Discover the impressive power and speed of Easton® Mako -10 baseball bats with DICK’S Sporting Goods baseball bat collection. Explore a wide selection of Easton® -10 bats with large sweet spots, advanced materials, and superior energy transfer.

Easton® Mako -10 baseball bats feature designs in which the weight of the bat in ounces is 10 less than the length of the bat in inches. DICK’S Sporting Goods carries Easton® -10 bats in sizes including 17 ounces/27 inches, 19 ounces/29 inches, 21 ounces/31 inches, and many others, all designed to help younger players get the most out of every swing.

Expert Advice

The baseball collection has Easton® Mako -10 baseball bats which are an excellent choice for young baseball players who are still developing their arm strength and bat speed. The lighter weights and slim profiles of these bats help players work on their swing timing and consistency. Keep these points in mind when shopping for Easton® Mako -10 bats:

  • Easton® -10 bats are available in an assortment of barrel diameters. Generally, a bat with a smaller diameter will move through the air more quickly and provide a higher swing speed.
  • Bats with larger diameters usually have larger sweet spots, helping players make solid contact more often.
  • Many of today’s baseball bats feature two-piece construction, in which the handle and barrel are separate pieces joined together. This design can help improve bat speed and reduce vibrations after contact. Some of the Easton® Mako -10 bats at DICK’S Sporting Goods include innovative handles that rotate during the swing, helping increase bat speed even more.
  • Different baseball leagues have widely varying rules regarding what types of bat designs are permitted for game use. Before you buy an Easton® Mako -10 bat or remove its wrapper, be sure to check with your league to ensure that the bat is approved for use.

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