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Game-Changing Easton® Mako Torq™ Bats

Get excited about Easton® Mako Torq™ bats – they're true game-changers. DICK'S Sporting Goods carries the full collection so you can find the best bat for you, whether you're looking for youth, adult, fast pitch or slow pitch options. High-performance innovations make these bats the superior choice. Lightweight yet strong, you're sure to enjoy years of slugging with Mako Torq™ baseball bats. Whether you're a scrappy singles hitter working the count or an all-or-nothing slugger swinging for the fences every time, our large selection of sizes, types and age ranges allows you to pick out the perfect model. Shop for yourself, or discover excellent options for your teammates, students or friends.

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Expert Advice

Baseball may be an institution, but that doesn't mean new and exciting innovations aren't happening for the game. This superior bat line from Easton® is a prime example. Advanced designs and creative construction make these a leading options for hitters looking for maximum control through the swing zone. Be quick to the ball and long through the strike zone. Revolutionary handles give you maximum speed and power without sacrificing grip and comfort. Trademarked Thermal Composite Technology™ means a faster and bigger sweet spot for accurate and hard hits. A gauze grip means a tight hold without stickiness. Hate that vibration? Two-piece craftsmanship maximizes energy transfer for a smooth swing. Choose a Mako Torq™ youth bat to help a learning player along.

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