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Bring In Your Catch: Learn More About Fish Finders

Make the most of your time on the water with industry-leading fish finders from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Fish finders are an important tool for any angler. These devices emit sound waves, which reflect off fish and other objects below the surface. A transducer detects the sound wave and signals to the angler that a fish is near.

Today's fish finders are equipped with innovative features. Think high-definition touchscreens, personalized mapping and sonar imaging, wrapped in a sleek, compact device. Find your new fish finder from the brands experienced anglers trust, like Garmin®, Raymarine® and Humminbird®. Shop all fishing gear and tackle from DICK'S Sporting Goods today.

Expert Advice

Think about these factors when selecting your fish finder:

Transducers are the heart of your fish finder. This is the component that emits and receives sound waves. The transducer sends a signal into the water, where it bounces off various objects. The signal is sent to the main unit of the device, where it is translated into a picture.

Screen Color & Resolution is an essential factor in your selection. Color screens are the new norm on today’s fish finders. A color screen enables you to more easily decipher objects in the water, giving you valuable insight into your game fish. Also consider the amount of pixels on your screen—the more pixels, the greater level of detail you can see. LED backlit screens provide brilliant visual display, particularly for fishing in low-light conditions.

Usability includes the design of your fish finder. Waterproof, shock-proof devices are highly durable. Choose a fish finder that’s sleek, lightweight and compact, so it fits comfortably on your vessel.

Your device’s transducer emits sound waves at a cone-like angle. The cone angle of your device refers to how wide a beam is projected from the bottom of your boat into the water.

The sound wave spreads as it gets further from the transducer. The wider the cone, the larger the coverage area, but the as the cone angle spreads, sensitivity diminishes. A 20-degree cone is considered a versatile angle for fishers who frequent different water depths. More advanced devices come with double and triple beams, ideal for scanning deep water depths.

For seamless use, choose a fish finder that can connect to available WiFi. Some devices come with apps that let you wirelessly synch waypoints and hotspots. Built-in Bluetooth technology lets you remotely operate your fish finder, while GPS technology provides added functionality.