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Vacuum Seal Bags Preserve Food for Longer

Browse food vacuum sealers from DICK'S Sporting Goods today, and find the perfect model for your needs. Whether you are a farmer who needs to process hundreds of pounds of meat or just someone who wants to take advantage of a great sale on steaks at the supermarket, you will find that a food sealer machine from this line is up to the task. Simply vacuum seal your cut of meat, and keep it in the freezer for months. Vacuum sealing limits freezer burn and will help preserve that delicious fresh taste.

Bring home a buck, haul in a record catch of bass or slaughter a few chickens from the backyard coop. Clean and vacuum seal your meat, and make the most of your hard work in the field, on the boat or on the farm.

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Discover All a Food Sealer Machine Can Do

Find the best vacuum sealer for you at DICK'S Sporting Goods. By removing air from your food, you help it stay fresher for longer. Here are some great uses for your sealing machine:

  • Extending Shelf Life: Steaks, fillets, breasts and more will last longer in the freezer with extra air removed.
  • Marinade Your Meat: Soak your meat in a marinade or brine before you seal it. A vacuum packaging machine will lock in that flavor and juiciness.
  • Preserve Dried Food: Whether you are making mouth-watering jerky or looking to preserve dehydrated fruit slices, these models will do the trick.

Shop machines and vacuum seal bags from this selection, and fill up that basement chest freezer with months of meals. There is nothing like the feeling of putting dinner on your own table. Enjoy tasty venison stew all year round with vacuum pack bags and sealers from top brands, including Weston®, GameSaver®, LEM® and FoodSaver®.

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