Free Standing Pull Up Bars & Dip Bars

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Build Body Strength With Free Standing Pull Up Bars & Dip Bars

Whether you're a weekend fitness warrior, or a pro-athlete, a free standing pull-up bar will boost your workout regimen. DICK'S Sporting Goods carries a variety of free standing pull-up bars and dip bars, with models suitable for outdoor use and others for use indoors. You'll get a complete body workout, refining your body with a durable free standing bar. Also recommended for push-ups, pull-ups and knee raises, you'll add muscle, burn fat and improve your chest, back, abs and arms.

Designed to fit into your home or yard with ease, whatever free standing pull-up bar you choose will take up minimal space and offer you the capability to achieve multiple grip positions for a wide variety of exercises regardless of intensity. And your comfort is also ensured with easy-to-clean padded, comfortable forearm and back support.

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