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Defend the goal with high-performance hockey goalie sticks from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Make the big save this season with a goalie stick crafted for performance—think optimized stiffness, ergonomic design and a reinforced core. Step into the box with a stick from the brands experienced hockey players trust, like Reebok® and Bauer®.

Think about these factors when selecting your new goalie stick:

  1. Material: Goalie sticks are available in composite and wood materials. Carbon fiber and graphite sticks are sometimes lighter than a traditional wood stick. Wood, however, offers great feel on the ice and better shock absorption.
  2. Blade Lie: Your stick’s lie measures the angle of the paddle and blade. Players who are shorter or have a lower stance should try a lower lie, helping the blade to rest flat on the ice. Taller players might go for a higher-lie stick.

A strategic foam or composite core can help reduce vibration from heavy shots. Multi-laminate materials ensure durability all season long. A precise level of stiffness helps boost rebound control.

Select from junior, intermediate or senior-level goalie sticks. Looking for something else? Visit the entire collection of hockey sticks at DICK’S Sporting Goods. Shop a wide assortment of hockey goalie equipment for all your goalie needs.


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