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Bring Home a Golf Visor Hat for the Links

Browse golf visors for sale at DICK'S Sporting Goods, and find the right headwear for you. Whether you are an avid player who hits the green whenever you have a spare moment or just enjoy the occasional round with friends, family or colleagues, a golf visor hat from this line is a must-have accessory. Choose from a range of kids', women, and men's golf visors. From eye-catching vibrant neon tones, to hip, modern patterns and classic white designs, there is something for everyone's style in this line.

A golf sun visor is also great for wear during a tennis match on a bright summer day, a jog around the neighborhood or an afternoon at the beach. Enjoy outdoor activities like gardening and hiking or shield your eyes while you snooze in your hammock.

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Enjoy a Well-Made Golf Sun Visor

At DICK'S Sporting Goods, you will find a collection of durable designs from some of today's top manufacturers. When you leave the house on a sunny day, be sure to take along visors from this line. Here are some benefits to sporting a visor:

  • Sun Protection: The sun's powerful UV rays can damage your eyes and skin. Protect yourself by wearing plenty of sunscreen, limiting your time in direct sunlight and wearing the right apparel, like these visors.
  • Breathability: With an open top design, visors offer improved breathability over conventional hats. Let air circulate over your head, and feel cooler on those hot days.
  • Comfort: Styles from this selection are engineered for a snug, yet comfortable fit. You will love wearing them, from the first drive to the last hole.
  • A Fashionable Look: Looking good is important, even on the links. Upgrade your attire with one of these handsome designs.

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