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Wearable Technology: Learn About GoPro Cameras

Capture the thrill of the moment with a GoPro® sport camera.

GoPro® cameras are a must-have for any thrill-seeker. Just fasten these compact sport cameras to your helmet or harness and record high-quality video on the go. GoPro cameras are simple to use and come with a variety of breakthrough features-so you can save and share each moment of your outing.

This wearable technology is ultra-durable and ready to go where the adventure takes you. Simply mount it to your safety gear-and start rolling.

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Expert Advice

With the help of a GoPro® camera, skaters, surfers, bikers and others can record life’s high-adrenaline moments. Best of all, these innovative cameras pack high-tech functionality into a sleek, lightweight design.

Always consult product information for specific features on your GoPro® camera model. Learn about some of the features included:

  • Waterproof operation up to 130 feet submerged
  • Wireless camera software and Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Upgraded audio settings for crisp sound recordings. Professional, high-definition video quality
  • Low-light shooting capabilities. Improved image sharpness and reduced distortion
  • Rechargeable battery

GoPro® are compatible with the brand’s proprietary adhesive mounts, which secure the camera to a surface for safe use.

Simply apply your GoPro mount to a smooth, clean surface. Avoid textured or porous surfaces. Firmly press your mount over the entire surface area. Apply your adhesive mount firmly and ensure full contact over the entire surface area.

To remove the adhesive, use a hairdryer or heat gun to soften the substance, then gently peel it back.