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High Performance Hockey Goalie Equipment

What does a goalie need behind the crease? Try high performance goalie sticks, padding and skates. Shop the full collection of hockey goalie equipment at DICK’S Sporting Goods and see the difference it makes in your game.

Here are a few great advantages you can get from premium goalie equipment:

  1. Better Vision
  2. Increased Agility and Faster Reaction Time
  3. Better Stamina
  4. Reduced Risk of Injury

Cutting edge hockey goalie pads are lightweight and comfortable. This will keep your energy level up for longer. Great pads allow for a better range of motion from your head down to your knees. This will help you see better and react faster.

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Expert Advice

You'll perform up to your potential with plenty of practice and the right hockey goalie gear. Leg pads are available with both plastic clips and metal clips. Plastic clips are easier to open and close and recommended for youth players. Metal clips prove more durable but are often more difficult to use.

Chest protection is vital for goaltenders, offering a barrier between the puck and your chest and heart areas. Chest pads typically feature nylon wrapped around layers of resilient foam. Despite the name, chest protectors actually safeguard most of the upper body and generally include a clavicle protector, extended shoulder caps and floaters for the biceps.

When shopping for a goalie catching glove, look for a molded, one-piece thumb area and pre-curved palm with individual finger compartments.

Practice makes perfect with hockey goals and training aids from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Reduce Injury and Stay in the Game

As a goalie, you have pucks and opposing players constantly flying at you going full speed. The right gear will help you avoid injuries, both major and minor. Browse pads at DICK'S Sporting Goods and find options that fit you correctly and can handle the impact of a slap shot. Aside from shock absorption, quick reaction time and agility will also help you stay safe.

Don't just block the puck, attack the shot with equipment you can trust. You'll feel comfortable and mobile in this high performance equipment.

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