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Get the protection you need on the ice with industry-leading hockey helmets as well as hockey shields, visors and masks from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Hockey is a rough-and-tumble sport, and it takes the right equipment to stay safe for practice and play. The latest hockey helmets are remarkably low profile and lightweight, providing a comfortable fit that never compromises the protection and coverage you need.

Some helmets come with a facemask combo, while others can be customized with an individual facemask or vision shield of your choice. Protect yourself from high-flying pucks with comfortable neck guards and maintain your equipment a variety of hockey tools and accessories, like helmet repair kits, shammys and more.

There are three main components of your hockey helmet: A hard outer shell, inner padding for comfort and shock absorption and the various external hardware that hold the helmet together. Some helmets come with a facemask or shield attached, while others can be customized. Keep in mind these factors when selecting your new hockey helmet:

  • Materials: Outer shells are commonly made of sturdy plastic or composite materials. Inner padding is made of responsive yet dense foam that absorbs shocks from contact-including sticks, pucks, boards and the ice itself. Sleek, low-profile designs protect without feeling bulky. Many shells come as a two-piece construction, though some are single-piece systems.
  • Helmet Features: Specialized ventilation ports allow for breathability, and foam ear covers and chin cups provide important protection from contact.
  • Tool-Free Adjustment: This convenient feature allows players to make quick adjustments to their headgear, even mid-game. Without this feature, helmets require screws to be adjusted for customization.
  • Occipital Locks: these lock cups are located on the back of the head, below the occipital ridge. They prevent the helmet from coming apart upon extreme impact.
  • Visors & Shields: Face shields, which offer either full or half-face coverage, provide protection and clear vision of the rink. High-impact polycarbonate shields let you take on aggressive hits with confidence, while scratch-resistant coating keeps your view crystal-clear.

Remember, always check with your local league before purchasing a new hockey helmet. No helmet can prevent all head or neck injuries. Always refer to your manufacturer's instructions and warnings before using your helmet.

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