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From the Street to the Ice, Play with Hockey Goals & Nets

Choose durable, high-impact hockey nets designed for an authentic look and feel.

Take the game wherever you go with portable hockey nets that are perfect for any street game. Choose a hockey net built with a sturdy steel or reinforced plastic frame that does not require stakes, tie-downs or tools for hassle-free assembly.

Enhance your game with hockey goal trainers, including practice systems and target-shooting nets. Replace worn-down goal netting with a durable net designed for easy installation.

Get the quality your game needs from top brands like Franklin®, Mylec®, and PowerBolt®.

Expert Advice

Select a hockey goal that stands up to your most aggressive play.

Choose a steel or plastic goal frame that can be easily transported and stored. Steel or PVA plastic tubing is sturdy and durable for play season after season.

Outfit your net with weather-resistant netting for outdoor use, designed with reinforced rope edge for durability. A 72-inch net fits both professional and championship-size goal frames.

Hone every shot with a variety of target-shooting nets for practice. Choose a net is designed for both ice and street hockey training. Teach little ones to love the game with mini hockey goal sets that are just their size.

For outdoor play, choose hockey netting that is treated with a weather-proofing finish. A nylon sleeve netting system is designed for quick assembly.