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Jumpstart Your Run With Baby Jogging Strollers

Log miles with your little one — jogging strollers are essential for your post-baby fitness regimen.

Running strollers are built with safety and convenience in mind — select from one and double jogging strollers with a variety of innovative features. Cart along a water bottle with a built-in cup holder and stow away the diaper bag in underneath carrying compartments.

Select running and jogging strollers designed in a variety of colors like pinks, blues, and greens. Shop popular brands like InSTEP® and Thule® to find the running and jogging stroller to fit your needs.

Expert Advice

Jogging strollers are must-haves for mothers looking to jumpstart their fitness routine while spending some quality time with baby. Choose a stroller built with a lightweight aluminum frame for easy handling. Your jogging stroller should be designed for unparalleled safety on the move. Consider the following features:

  • Brakes should be secure and easy to operate. Many InSTEP® jogging strollers models come with hand brakes for quick stops and ease of use. Many strollers have brakes that lock two wheels for safety
  • Expect plush padding and a secure strap system for secure positioning your child in the running stroller
  • Select between swiveled and fixed front wheels. The front tire should allow for easy maneuvering around twists and turns
  • Rubberized handlebars ensure your never lose your grip — even as you perspire
  • Spring suspension systems provide impact absorption for a smooth ride

An umbrella cover protects and shields your baby from the sun's bright glare, while lambskin lining comforts your baby on the go.

Jogging strollers can be difficult to transport in your car. Look for a dual trigger folding mechanism for easy storage.


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