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Kayak Racks for Easy Transportation

Consider how many kayaks, stand up paddleboards or surfboards you will be carrying and look for a kayak rack that offers the capacity that you need.

Some adjustable kayak racks allow you to carry two kayaks, but can be modified to carry only one kayak or even an over-sized kayak.

Carefully check product descriptions to determine all of the components necessary for the system you wish to purchase.

Many cross bars are designed to attach to existing, factory-installed rails, while other transport systems do not require pre-installed hardware and can be used on a bare roof. Make sure you have all the parts you need to successfully transport your equipment.

Consider adding a cargo box or bag for storage when you’re not carrying your kayak or paddleboard on your roof. A cargo bag adds valuable space to carry extra gear and doesn’t require a roof rack. When not in use, you can fold it flat or use it as a regular gear bag. A cargo box has the added benefit of weather-resistant protection and can offer great storage capacity than a bag. Ensure that the box or bag you select will fit all of the gear you need to carry.

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