Kinesiology Tape

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Learn More About Kinesiology Tape


Learn More About Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape helps support, strengthen and rejuvenate the body after grueling physical activity.

These stretchable, adhesive cotton or synthetic strips are placed over sore muscles during or after your workout to soothe pain and aid in recovery. Waterproof and breathable, kinesiology tape is nearly identical to human skin in elasticity and thickness-so you can move and work up a sweat with confidence.

Kinesiology tape uses innovative elastic properties to support to joints and muscles-helping you alleviate the aches and pains that keep you from performing at your peak.

Choose from a variety of materials and colors. Runners love kinesiology tape designed with reflective materials for evening workouts. Shop a variety of popular brands, including KT Tape, PerformTex®, Under Armour® and many more.

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