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Hunting Knives & Multi-Tools For Outdoor Use

Searching for a hunting knife or folding knifes for your next camping trip? From fixed to folding, DICK’S Sporting Goods carries a variety of knives that are sure to get the job done. Shop trusted brands for knives and multi-tools you can count on, like Gerber®, Buck®, Smith & Wesson® and more.

Take on your job with machetes and axes or equip yourself with a compact Swiss Army knife for day-to-day tasks. Maintain your knife or tools with sharpening accessories that keep your blade in top shape.

Campers and hikers can explore the collection of multi-purpose knives and axes—great in a variety of situations. Whether you’re eating, fishing or fixing a broken tool, these simple, small and ergonomic knives are great in any situation.

Expert Advice

If you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast or someone who camps for extended periods of time, think about a multi-tool. Some multi-tools include more than 15 tools, ranging from screw drivers to wire-cutters, bottle-openers or pliers.

Based on the amount of time you spend in the great outdoors, a machete or axe, which is useful for cutting down small branches, limbs and even clearing plots of brush.

Consider the benefits and drawbacks of your fixed knife, bolding blade or hunting knife. What might work well for some hunting endeavors may be ill-suited for another. Fixed blades are generally stronger because the blade runs through the handle. They also are more durable and reliable since there are no moving parts. They are ideal for when you need to do heavy-duty work.

Fixed blades are not ideal if you are climbing and sitting frequently as they easily get in the way when sheathed on your belt. Fixed blades are also longer, and the required sheath means they are bulkier to carry and not as safe when carrying them through the woods.

Like fixed blades, folding blades are not without drawbacks. Locking blade folders can make releasing your knife when you need it in a hurry a hassle. In addition, this type of blade presents cleaning difficulties as the channel that holds the blade when it’s retracted easily collects blood, tissue and other debris. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of each blade type, and pick the option that best suits your hunting needs.

When looking at axes and machetes, take into consideration the activities you plan on doing during your next camping or hunting trip. Axes work best to break, chip, cut, hammer, dig, and pierce objects. Machete’s work best to limb saw and hammer. Both tools make a great addition to any outdoor adventure.


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