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Your Lax Game: Lacrosse Stringing Kits, Mesh & Shooting Strings

Take on the competition with the perfect pocket: Shop lacrosse stringing kits, mesh and shooting string at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Custom string your lacrosse head for a pocket that’s just right for your playing style. Keep in mind these factors when selecting your mesh or stringing kit:

  • Lacrosse strings are available as either a traditional woven pocket or a mesh pocket. Many experienced players choose to purchase an unstrung head to better customize their game.
  • Mesh pockets are the most commonly used in the game. These pockets are made of nylon webbing woven into the side of the head, typically requiring little adjustment.
  • Stiffer pockets are more accurate for shooting and passing, but provide players less control when running. Deeper pockets provide better feel and ball control, while a shallow pocket promotes quick release.

Shooting strings are positioned horizontally near the top of your stick’s head and impact the ball’s balance and direction. Your shooting strings affect the “whip” of your shot. Whip determines the angle at which your ball leaves the pocket—the more whip in your stick, the lower your ball trajectory.

Ensure your stringing kit or shooting strings provide ideal hold, balance and consistency on the field. Shop gear from some of the top names in lacrosse, including STX®, StringKing®, East Coast Mesh®, Jimalax® and Warrior®.


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