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Your Workout: Leg Press Machines, Leg Curl Machines & Leg Extension Machines

Bring your conditioning to the next level with state-of-the-art leg press, extension and curl machines.

The latest leg press and extension machines are engineered for ergonomic comfort and a full range of movement. Leg presses build lower body strength. Work thigh muscles by extending your knees against the press’ resistance. Leg extensions also work the gluteus maximus and leg and hip bones, while curls train quadriceps.

A proper lower body workout is critical to reaching your fitness goals. Shop top brands, including Body-Solid®, Powerline® and many more.

Expert Advice

Improve your fitness routine by isolating low-body muscles. Learn more about the differences between leg press, extension and curl machines.

  • Leg presses operate with a guided movement that enables you to concentrate on lifting and lowering the weight. These machines minimize your need to balance the weight. Many leg press machines are recumbent, providing back support as you operate the machine.
  • Curl machines target the hamstrings and glutes. Users flex their lower leg toward their buttocks against the resistance of the machine.
  • Leg extension machines target the quadriceps using resistance. Users sit while moving a weighted bar upward with the front of their legs.

Get your lower body workout anytime, anywhere—no gym membership necessary. Leg curl, extension and press machines are a great addition to any home gym.

For comfort, ensure your leg curl or leg extension machine is lined with plush foam padding for comfort. Foam rollers and adjustable steel cams ensure you can work out without discomfort. Pelvic pads and contoured seats and foam ensure you’re never in pain as you condition.

Where space is limited, choose a compact machine, designed with the essentials—a heavy gauge steel construction, pin-pull adjustments and basic rubber grips. Larger machines combine the elements of leg curls, extensions and presses.

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