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Leupold Scopes for Hunting Precision

Target your prey with unparalleled clarity: Leupold® rifle scopes deliver durability and superior mechanical performance on the hunt.

Turn to Leupold hunting optics for scopes that provide exceptional light transmission, easy-to-handle features and a weatherproof construction. Choose a device that matches its use: Spot prey with precision across all terrains with Leupold scopes designed to handle everything from big to small game and short to long-range targeting.

Whether you’re on the hunt in rugged terrain or spotting whitetail from a treestand, Leupold’s breakthrough rifle scopes deliver the optimal vision you need for accuracy.

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Discover exceptional brightness, clarity and contrast with Leupold.

Select a scope that is sleek, lightweight and designed for easy field adjustments. For total performance in any condition, choose a scope that is waterproof, shockproof and fogproof.

Consider your hunt when making your purchase: Choose from devices built for small or large game and a variety of terrains. Do you hunt in low-light settings? Scopes used in the early morning or in the evening require a larger exit pupil compared to those employed in daylight.

Coated lenses offer a brighter, higher contrast image, and Leupold scopes designed with blackened edges around the lens shield out unwanted glare for an even more brilliant view. Look for a fast-focus eye piece for easy use and a generous eyebox, which makes it easier to get your eye behind the scope to gain a clear, full view.

Seek a rifle scope that offers optimal clarity, contrast and brightness for your hunt. Think about whether you prefer a scope that is of fixed or variable power.

Fixed power scopes have a magnification level set by the manufacturer. Fixed power copes are ideal for hunters who need a view of 50 to 100 yards on the hunt.

Variable power scopes are adjustable and can be modified according to the field of view needed and available light. Consider a variable scope for long-range shooting and spotting.