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Shop Marucci® bats for the right equipment for all ages at DICK'S Sporting Goods. These stellar baseball bats focus on weight and movement, which means there's a bat for everyone. Focus on your needs by first assessing the type of bat that works best for you. These are available in wood, metal or composite. Look to the swinger's natural strength.

Composite bats have become popular because they reduce bounce and vibration considerably. For those who are at the ball park regularly, a composite bat is a great pick because it reduces strain in the hands and is lightweight enough to swing with minimal effort, making the follow through process far more likely than a heavier bat.

Wood bats are ideal for those with considerable strength, who've already mastered the follow through technique. When you know your body will follow to complete a swing, you typically have success with a heavier bat like wood or metal.

Upgrade your game with our large selection of Marucci baseball gear.