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Tee Off With Premium Equipment

Browse this incredibly diverse selection of men's golf clubs at DICK'S Sporting Goods and discover the right gear for a successful day on the links. It goes without saying that clubs are the golfer's most important pieces of equipment. Beginners can benefit from highly forgiving clubs with a large sweet spot, and professionals know exactly what type of club to use in any given situation.

In this collection of golf clubs for men, you'll find everything from powerful drivers to extremely accurate putters, woods for setting up a birdie, irons for that important approach shot, and wedges to get you out of a jam. Shop full sets complete with bag, iron sets that will make up the bulk of your clubs, versatile hybrid designs that can be used in the rough or on the fairway, and other individual clubs.

Discover more quality golf clubs for the whole family at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

Choose the Right Design for Your Swing

Though all men's clubs from DICK'S Sporting Goods are top-rated products made by the industry's most well-respected brands, there are a few major differences that can really affect your power, accuracy and spin control. Here are some options to consider while you make your selection:

  • Flex: More flexible shafts are best for players with a hard and/or jerky swing. Golfers with normal to light power and/or an extremely smooth swing may prefer a more flexible shaft. This is something to consider changing as your game improves.
  • Adjustable CG: Some clubs, mainly drivers, feature an adjustable center of gravity. This will allow you to fine tune your club and receive the desired results.
  • Versatility: Think about what clubs you'll actually use. Are low numbered irons better than hybrids? Do you really need a gap wedge and a sand wedge?

Enjoy a beautiful day on the links with golf equipment & apparel from DICK'S Sporting Goods.