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18 Products

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Fitness Rollers: A Simple Way to Step up Your Workout

Warm-up, workout and wind down with muscle rollers.

Foam rollers are a simple fitness essential. Rolling massages your body, increases blood flow and releases muscle tightness that interferes with proper running and workout form. Enhance your body awareness, flexibility and strength with use of a basic muscle roller.

Select from a variety of fitness rollers. Simple, smooth-textured rollers are great for crunches and abdominal toning. Textured rollers designed with nub features are the perfect solution for massaging your back, legs and arms. Use your rollers in the sitting, kneeling, supine and laying positions.

Shop cylindrical foam rollers, fitness balls and stainless steel rollers. Find what your workout needs from popular brands, including Fitness Gear®, Trigger Point®, Pro-Tec® and Rejuventation®.

Expert Advice

Fitness rollers get your body ready for training. These devices are simple to use, store and carry — putting a quick massage or workout at your fingertips.

Find the muscle roller that's right for you: Select from compact rollers that span less than 18 inches, long rollers at 32-inches and above, and standard rollers that measure between 19 and 31 inches. From firm stainless steel to soft foam and smooth and textured surfaces, discover the muscle roller that meets your workout needs.

Consider the various ways you can incorporate a roller in your warm-ups and conditioning.

  • Iliotibial band: Lay on your side with the roller resting beneath your hip, placing your other leg's foot on the floor. Move along your outer thigh
  • Piriformus: Sit on the roller and place one foot on the opposite knee in a crossing position. Lean and roll forward and back, using your supporting leg to control pressure
  • Calves: Place the muscle roller beneath your calf. Rest your other foot on the floor. Roll from the ankle to below the knee, and rotate your leg in and out