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Game-Ready: New Balance® Baseball Cleats

Get ready for your next big game or tournament with New Balance® baseball cleats from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Explore a wide selection of baseball cleats and New Balance cleats with metal spikes or molded spikes, in a variety of sizes, materials, ankle heights, and colors. You’ll also find an impressive collection of specialty shoes such as umpire cleats and spikeless turf shoes for games or practices on artificial surfaces.

New Balance® baseball cleats are a popular choice for players at all levels of competition, thanks to their comfortable feel and superior performance. Shop top-rated collections like the 4040v3 baseball cleats.

Browse all styles of New Balance shoes or shop the full collection of baseball cleats from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

When you’re shopping for New Balance® softball cleats or baseball cleats, keep these points in mind:

  • High-top baseball cleat provide an additional measure of support, which may help you avoid ankle injuries on sudden turns or falls. However, higher shoes may restrict your range of motion, potentially resulting in a reduction in foot speed.
  • If you plan to buy shoes with metal cleats, be sure to check your league’s regulations first, to ensure that metal cleats are permitted.
  • In general, baseball cleats with long studs are a good choice for wet or muddy conditions, while shorter studs are preferred for dry fields.
  • If you coach a baseball team, you’ll find many different New Balance® baseball cleat styles to choose from, including turf shoes that provide comfort and traction whether you’re on artificial turf, grass or dirt. Many baseball coaches also keep a pair of protective umpire shoes on hand for use when standing behind the plate. Umpire shoes often include a steel toe box and extra guard plate on the top of the foot to protect against foul balls or stray pitches.