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Nike® Dri-Fit Shirts deliver improved comfort through moisture wicking which carries sweat away from your body during a workout to keep you cooler. Unlike standard cotton t-shirts that can gain significant weight from sweat absorption, these specially engineered materials are designed to keep you ready for action. Performance tees from Nike® also absorb less sweat-borne bacteria than standard shirts, so your gym bag will thank you, too.

Choose a Dri-Fit tee or a Nike® Men's Legend T-shirt in v-neck or crew neck silhouettes. These shirts are available in a range of classic colors such as black, gray and white along with an array of bold shades that help you stand out on the field, at the track, or in the gym. Match them with pants that utilize the same technology to complete your go-to workout attire.

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Why Choose Moisture Wicking?

Team sport players, marathon runners, Crossfit enthusiasts and other high intensity athletes have long known the benefits of moisture wicking material, but more active everyday people are taking advantage of their benefits as well. A moisture wicking material such as Dri-Fit is ideal for hikers, bike commuters and those with fast paced lifestyles that keep them on the move. This high-tech material keeps their clothing dry and comfortable during activities that can leave standard fabrics drenched in sweat. Their quick-drying construction makes them an ideal choice for an express wash in the sink and short air dry, making them a good choice for those with unpredictable schedules. Dri-Fit is also an outstanding material for travel, as it retains much less odor, moisture and wrinkles than standard fabrics during your globe-trotting adventures. Dri-Fit clothing from Nike® isn't just for elite level athletes, it's for anyone with plans on seizing the day.

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