Portable Heaters and Camping Heaters

8 Products
8 Products

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Be Comfortable at Your Campsite

Browse this amazing selection of portable heaters from DICK'S Sporting Goods and make sure your camping party is comfortable and having fun. Early or late season trips, or campsites at higher elevations can include chilly temperatures. Enjoy nature during these unpredictable times of year with camping heaters from this collection. Manufactured by well-respected, industry-leading companies, these select products are made with a range of safety features to prevent dangerous accidents.

Choose from free-standing and tank-top designs. These incredible propane fuel appliances are also ideal for keeping guests warm as your backyard barbecue drifts deep into the night, or warming up a well ventilated garage or shack while you get to work replacing that carburetor or finishing up those cabinets. They make handy tailgating accessories, especially as your team begins their playoff push in those frigid winter months. Shop a variety of brilliantly engineered heaters today.

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