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From Workouts to Hangouts: Shop Printed Leggings

Running tights have transcended the world of fitness apparel to become a staple of modern street fashion, and DICK'S Sporting Goods has a great selection of printed leggings for women and girls.

These pattern leggings show off bold and colorful designs, so you can expand your workout attire options and show off your personal style. Our stock of print leggings is designed with performance in mind, featuring snug yet comfortable fits that allow a full range of motion and optimal heat management.

These tights are crafted with the finest synthetic materials, giving them excellent stretch and resilience for long-term wear. Many also feature small key pockets, where you can store your essentials while on the go, giving them an even higher level of versatility. For even more selection, shop the full collection of Yoga Pants, Leggings & Capris.

Whether you're a gym rat, a yoga fanatic or just looking for some comfortable apparel for your morning jog, there's something for everyone in the complete collection of workout clothes for women at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

Find the Perfect Pair of Pattern Leggings for Your Style

Choose the right pair of running tights for your active lifestyle. You'll love the versatility of print leggings that give you both quality athletic apparel and a go-to everyday essential.

With features such as soft-touch materials for a luxurious feel against and wide waistbands for support through the midsection, printed leggings provide all-day comfort, seamlessly transitioning from a workout to the weekend. Here are some things to keep in mind while you make your purchase:

  • Size: Those with slimmer frames will want to choose running tights with drawstrings to ensure they stay in place during high-impact activities.
  • Style: Tights that will double as casual wear should be opaque to offer adequate coverage. Look for full coverage through the length of the leg in running tights to keep your ankles warm during a brisk morning run!
  • Mesh Features: For increased air flow, choose a pair of pattern leggings with mesh leg panels. These deliver breathability and help expel excess heat.

Discover all the latest trends when you shop The Leggings Collection at DICK'S Sporting Goods.