Rechargeable LED Flashlights

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Bright, Compact LED Flashlights for Hiking & Camping

Stay prepared for the unexpected with a high performance LED flashlight from DICK’S Sporting Goods. Explore dozens of LED options, including pen lights, tactical flashlights, diving flashlights and other popular styles.

Whether you’re looking for standard battery-powered flashlights or rechargeable LED flashlights, shop lights from brands like Fenix®, PROTEC®, Coleman®, Dorcy® and Barska®. You can choose from single flashlights or multi-flashlight packs in an array of appealing colors, as well as specialized LED flashlights including scorpion detection lights, cap clip lights and hunting flashlights with camo patterns.

LED flashlights deliver bright, clear light and exceptional durability. When you’re shopping for a new flashlight or set of flashlights, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Small LED flashlights are a useful addition to any emergency preparation kit. Their compact size makes it easy to store them with other emergency supplies, and their impressive efficiency can allow them to provide hours of light when needed.
  • Some feature multiple light settings, allowing you to select a long-distance spotlight, a low-light beam for reading or an intense narrow beam for precise work.
  • Headlamps and cap clip versions can help you see clearly and keep your hands free while hiking, cycling or fishing in low light conditions.

With their long-lasting bulbs and efficient battery use, LED flashlights are ideal for camping, hunting, household use and more. Here are some additional ways you might use your new flashlight:

  • Some LED utility lights feature plastic cases that float in water, making them useful for low light boating excursions. They can also add a festive touch to a swimming pool, fountain or pond.
  • LED lights use fewer batteries and bulbs, making them an environmentally friendly choice for all outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Many LED lights have a lightweight, ergonomic design for easy use.

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