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Your football helmet is your most critical piece of equipment on the field. Riddell® helmets are engineered with the latest game technology to shield you without impeding vision or movement.

An ABS shell is ultra-durable to withstand aggressive impact. Built-in ventilation systems boost air circulation to keep you cool as the game winds on. Moisture-resistant liners and padding provides comfort. Some Riddell® helmets feature quick-release facemask technology for easy removal.

Riddell® should pads are lined with the brand’s proprietary Air Management Liner System™ and Flat Pad™ design. These technologies promote maximum impact dispersion to protect you. Articulated channels throughout allow for freedom of movement.

The right fit is essential for any football helmet. Consult product information for your Riddell® helmet for sizing specifics. Follow these general guidelines to determine your proper measurements:

1. Have a friend or parent take your measurements to ensure accuracy.

2. Wrap measuring tape 1-inch above your eyebrows, around your head.

3. This is where your helmet will rest.

4. Record your circumference.

Once you have your measurements, refer to the specific size chart on the product page.

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