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Rifle Scopes for Maximum Precision

Experience total clarity on the hunt with rifle and gun scopes. Keep your target in eyeshot with the right high-performance rifle scope.

Find a scope that delivers exceptional brightness, clarity and optimal contrast on all terrain. Whether you're making a long shot over an open field or scoping prey in dense woods, find a device that enables you to move with absolute precision.

Turn to top-rated rifle scopes from Bushnell, Vortex, Barska, Leupold®, TRUGLO® and Nikon® for durable, long-lasting scopes that are engineered to perform.

Look for a scope that stands up to the elements. Find scopes that are waterproof, shockproof and fogproof. Your scope should provide generous eye relief for added ease of use.

Your scope should be sleek and lightweight for the hunt. Lock onto your target quickly with a scope that is designed for easy field adjustments and built with a quick-focus eyepiece for ultimate accuracy. Think about the kind of reticles you prefer, including crosshairs, mildot or duplex.

Expert Advice

Choose scopes with innovative, built-in optical rangefinders to determine the distance of your prey with the click of your finger.

Think about these factors when purchasing your rifle scope:

  • Select a scope that matches its use. Find scopes that are engineered for target-shooters or shooting game at short-range.
  • In what setting will the scope be used? Scopes used in early morning or evening hunts require a larger exit pupil compared to those used in daylight.
  • Coated lenses offer a brighter, higher contrast image and often lead to less eyestrain for the marksman.

Your scope needs to deliver uncompromising durability and ruggedness.

Consider the following magnification levels when selecting the right hunting rifle scope:

  • Squirrels: 4x
  • Small game: 4 to 12x
  • Big game in dense wooded areas: 1.5-4 or 2-7x
  • Big game in open space: 4 to 12x or 6-18x
  • Long-range shooting: 6 to 20x or 8 to 25x

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