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Running Socks for Every Mile

The best running socks will keep you on your feet longer. Shop running socks designed to make the most of every mile, staving off irritation, sweat and discomfort.

Keep your socks out of sight with lightweight, no-show and low-cut socks that stay comfortable tucked within your shoe. Pull on a pair of toe socks that blend seamlessly with your minimalist running shoes.

Choose running socks designed with breathable, soft fabrics. Mesh venting works to keep your feet dry and cool along the course. Reinforced seams along high-wear areas, like the toe and heel, ensure added durability.

Some of the top rated running socks of 2019 are:

  • Bombas Women's Solid Ankle Socks
  • PUMA Men's No Show Socks 6 Pack
  • Nike Elite Running Cushion Crew Socks
  • Thor-Lo Experia Malibu Low Cut Padded Socks
  • Thor-Lo Experia Jet Lite Padded Low Cut Socks
  • Nike Elite Running Cushion No-Show Tab Socks

Gain extra coverage with crew and knee-high socks and support your muscles with compression-fit socks. Find your socks in crisp whites, bright neons and every hue in between. Shop running socks from popular brands like Nike®, Reebok® and more.

Expert Advice

No-show running socks, crew-cut and low-show socks are great for casual runners, whether you're hitting the track or logging miles on a treadmill. These styles of socks keep your feet protected and comfortable while sitting low on the ankle to prevent over heating your legs. Knee socks and compression socks improve blood circulation, covering your entire calf to deliver stamina and performance. Triathletes and endurance runners often turn to extended socks to reduce injuries and cramping.

Choose socks with anatomic padding along high-stress areas for additional comfort.

Find everything you need for your run-browse the Running Shop at DICK'S Sporting Goods for running apparel, shoes and accessories.

Compression socks boost performance by increasing blood circulation, but choose a pair that fits both the size of your foot and your calf's circumference. Socks that are too tight can impair circulation, while socks that are too loose offer no benefit over regular socks.


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