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Find the gear you need to combat and prevent sports injuries. Shop popular sports medicine names, like Shock Doctor®, Fitness Gear®, Bodyguard Pro® and many others. Always consult a physician to ensure the sports medicine gear you use suits your needs.

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The right sports medicine gear is the difference-maker your game needs.

Joint braces can be an efficient way to reduce pain and minimize swelling. Combat strains, soreness, contusions and bruising. Some braces are designed as a compression sleeve, which squeezes and supports the leg with a second-skin fit. Thermal compression technology helps retain heat for better circulation and muscle movement.

Gel inserts on your brace target soft tissue. Mesh or perforated panels on your brace ensure comfort and breathability.

Soothe and comfort with a back brace that delivers warmth or icy coolness to sore spots. Temperature therapy promotes healing and keeps the body warm when not active. Ankle and shin compression sleeves and shin supports are great for athletes who suffer shin splints.

A first aid kit is essential for any sport. Your first aid kit should be compact, fitting comfortably into your bag. Look for a kit that includes a reusable hot/cold gel compress, a few bandages, sticking plasters, sanitary wipes and a compression bandage.

For general support, try a compression wrap. Measure the circumference of your ankle or leg before ordering—wraps that fit incorrectly do not provide adequate support.

If you’re a runner, try using a shoe insole to reduce joint stress while logging miles. Choose insoles that support your foot and correct gait issues, including the tendency to pronate or supinate.


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