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Trail Cameras & Games Cameras

Monitor the field and track your game with breakthrough trail cameras from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Your trail camera might just be one of the most important tools in your arsenal. Gain the upper hand with infrared technology, high-resolution images and incandescent flash. Choose the camera designed for your terrain and weather conditions. A trail camera is ideal for tracking large and small game including deer, bears, turkey and more.

Game and trail cameras use heat-sensing technology to detect game in the wilderness. But the latest cameras are equipped with features that enable you to learn the size and type of game-and so much more.

Shop trail cameras from trusted brands, including Wildgame Innovations®, Stealth Cam®, Moultrie®, Covert® and so much more.

Stock up for your season with the full collection of hunting electronics and other gear like crossbows at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

Scout your game with clear, crisp images from the field. Consider these factors when selecting your game camera:

Battery Life: Always consult production information to learn the average battery life of your camera. A camera memory card enables you to use store hundreds of pictures taken over several hours or days.

Trigger Speed: A particular length of time lapses between a camera sensing an animal and snapping a shot of it. This factor is known as trigger speed or trigger time. A quicker trigger time makes it more likely that you’ll capture an image of your prey.

Detection Width: An animal must cross a certain point on the camera lens for an image to be triggered. Some cameras have a wider detection zone and can be triggered by a greater area—giving you the advantage.

Date & Time: Hunters need to know the specific time an animal crossed the camera’s detection zone. Many cameras go beyond this with information on moon phase, temperature, barometric pressure and much more.

The latest game cameras have come a long way from their humble beginnings on 35 mm film. Today’s generation of hunting photography includes digital imaging, LCD monitors and panoramic capabilities.

First, think about whether you need infrared technology or an incandescent flash. Infrared light is not on the visible spectrum, so the camera will likely go undetected by your game. Light is essential for your game camera, so infrared images may lack color or visual detail.

Incandescent flash is the same flash found on many modern-day cameras. This will technology will produce a bright light to illuminate a dark area. The light creates a better quality photo, but could potentially scare off your game.


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