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6 Products

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Always Have the Right Tool on Hand

Browse this amazing collection of Vitrinox knives at DICK'S Sporting Goods and make sure the best tool for the job is always within reach. Whether you're an avid camper who spends days isolated in the woods, a weekend explorer who loves discovering new trails, or your family's handyman or woman who always seems to be fixing something, you'll love the functionality of authentic Vitrinox Swiss Army knives.

From the standard pocket knife blade to saw tooth blades, toothpicks, bottle openers and corkscrews, tweezers, a magnifying glass, assorted screwdrivers and even a wrench and scissors, you'll find that every job is easier with the right tool. Choose from standard Vitrinox pocket knives featuring a few different cutting implements, to larger multi-tool knives.

Trust in a tool that won't let you down in the field. Experience the legendary durability of these well-crafted pocket knives.

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Expert Advice

Choose the Best Knife for Your Needs

With a Vitrinox Swiss Army knife from DICK'S Sporting Goods, you'll be prepared for a variety of situations. They're available in a range of brilliant designs, and it's helpful to pick the right unit for your needs. For a great everyday option, choose a smaller knife with an assortment of blades. A smaller model will feel more comfortable in your pocket, and you'll be close to your toolbox, should you need something more.

For camping, exploring or hiking, take a more complex design. You'll be far away from your tools, and these compact implements make a major difference. From easily cutting kindling to getting a campfire going, to removing a piece of granola stuck between your teeth, you'll enjoy your time in the woods thanks to these useful tools. Shop today and discover the perfect Swiss Army multi-tool for you.

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