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Made For Lacrosse: Shop Warrior® Youth & Men's Cleats

Get the breakthrough traction and support you need on the field with Warrior® lacrosse cleats from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Lacrosse cleats should provide optimal traction, foot and ankle support, as well as underfoot cushion. Warrior® cleats feature a variety of breakthrough features specially designed for the game of lacrosse-so you can make the most of your time on the field.

Trust your game to high-top or low-top Warrior® men's lacrosse cleats or Warrior® youth lacrosse cleats, available in a variety of colors and styles. Cool off after the game and slip into a pair of ultra-comfortable Warrior® boat shoes or training sneakers.

Keep in mind these factors when selecting your Warrior® men's lacrosse cleats:

  • The upper is the outermost component of your shoe. Warrior® men's lacrosse cleats are made of ultra-durable synthetic materials, designed to stand up to the toughest field conditions. Perforated or mesh uppers allow for both strategic breathability and lightweight feel. A compression tongue and asymmetrical lacing system deliver lock your foot into place.
  • Full-length midsole padding provides the shock absorption and cushion that lacrosse players need.
  • A moisture-control liner on the inside of your lacrosse cleat helps manage and minimize sweat and dampness.
  • The outsole of your cleat is lined with studs that provide grip and motion control. Molded TPU cleats provide excellent traction on a variety of surfaces and allow you to accelerate and stop with ease.
  • Choose from high-top and low-top lacrosse cleats. High-top Warrior® lacrosse cleats have a slightly extended ankle collar for extra ankle support.
  • Warrior® lacrosse cleats offer specialized technology to maximize your game. Always consult product information for details on your cleat.

    • Exo-skeletal support structures in your cleat provide support and stability for high-wear areas.
    • Neoprene heels, tongues and uppers help improve fit and provide a barrier against chafing and irritation.
    • Proprietary Warior® ExploWeave® non-stretch uppers ensure the outer component of your shoe never stretches or loosens, so it maintains its shape longer.

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