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Take On The Off-Road: Women’s Trail Running Shoes

Reach your runner’s high with the help of women’s trail running shoes.

Trail running shoes are specially optimized for off-road terrain—including loose dirt, gravel and rock. This brand of footwear is fortified with dense outsoles for grip and shock absorption and stability-maximizing features.

Go off the beaten path with women’s trail running shoes from brands like Merrell®, Nike®, Salomon® and New Balance®. Shop a variety of features, technologies and styles for the shoe that’s right for your gait cycle.

Expert Advice

What’s the difference between trail running shoes and general running shoes? Trail running shoes are built with aggressive outsoles that perform on challenging terrain. These shoes can come with deep lugs or other traction devices that help you log miles on mud, loose surfaces and slick ground.

For many trail runners, comfort and cushion are key. Look for women’s trail running shoes that features a responsive midsole cushion, like EVA or polyurethane. These materials help absorb and disperse shock to keep you going, mile after mile.

Mesh paneling along the shoe upper provides strategic breathability to keep you cool as you stride. Trail runners always need to consider durability. Look for waterproof and abrasion-resistant materials in the upper for the weather protection you need. Protective toe caps can also help safeguard your feet.

An inner sock liner in your trail running shoe helps improve fit and comfort. Many of these liners are designed to wick perspiration away from feet, keeping you dry as you push the pace.

Every runner has unique gait mechanics—and you should look for a shoe that’s built for your run. Select from neutral, stability and motion-control trail running shoes. A shoe designed for your running style will provide the highest level of comfort and stability on the trail.

When you run, you’re heel strikes the ground first, then rolls slightly inward. Your foot’s arch then flattens to help absorb the shock. These natural mechanics help protect your joints. Related to this movement, runners typically fall into three categories:

  • Runners with “normal” pronation are bio-mechanically efficient runners and should use neutral trail running shoes.
  • Runners with over-pronation experience an exaggerated inward roll following heel strike. These athletes can stabilize their run with motion control trail shoes or stability trail shoes.
  • Runners with under-pronation experience an outward roll of the foot following heel strike. This tendency results in insufficient shock absorption upon impact. Runners with this trait should opt for stability and motion control shoes that provide ample cushioning


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