Wood Baseball Bats

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Wood Baseball Bats For Practice Or Play

Step into the batter’s box with performance in hand—a wood bat that delivers the right fusion of lightweight feel and powerful impact.

A baseball tradition, wood baseball bats are typically constructed of quality maple, ash, bamboo or composite wood materials. Remember when making your purchase that the type and quality of wood determines the life and quality of your bat.

At DICK’S Sporting Goods, you can find wood bats with regulation -3 drop, plus others that are crafted for slow-pitch softball. Browse bats ranging from 26 to 35 inches in length. Look authentic on the field with bats treated with high-gloss black, caramel or natural-wood finishes.

Shop wood baseball bats from some of the top names in the game including:

For more, check out the entire collection of baseball bats at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

Wood bats give players that traditional “crack of the bat” feel and sound—features often highly desired by players. Wood bats are ideal for practice. After all, it's often said if you can hit with a wood bat, you can hit with any bat.

Wood bats are ideal for the cage and training, promoting a more customized swing and correct batting form. Consider the different kinds of woods used to construct your baseball bat:

  • Maple is high-density wood that provides power, balance and easy handling. Its close-grain timber increases durability.
  • Bamboo makes for high-density wood bats that feature a cupped end, making them lighter and quicker for more powerful swings. These bats also provide exceptional moisture control.
  • Ash tends to flex rather than break on impact, creating a larger sweet spot for the batter. Walnut offers great grip, strength and durability.