Archery for Beginners: Must Have Gear

Joining the archery community for the first time or jumping back onto the scene? You’re going to need some gear to get started. Take a look at our list of gear needed to get started in archery.

June 25, 2015

Most hunters begin hunting with a rifle. At some point they hear their more experienced friends talking about taking a big buck with a bow and arrow. It's closer to the kill, sometimes just a few yards, so the 'thrill' is elevated. Although rifle hunting is great on it's own and there is certainly quite a bit to learn, some hunters will tell you that after trying archery, you'll never want to go back to rifle hunting.


If you're interested in getting started in archery hunting you'll need some different gear than you have if you're currently a rifle hunter. Here’s a list of essentials that you can’t get into the sport without, followed by a few you’ll want to consider once you’ve decided archery is most definitely for you. This is what we think you'll need in archery for beginners.



This may seem obvious, but it’s also the most important, and many times it’s not the easiest decision to make. There are countless bow options at a number of different price-points.



Another no-brainer, but finding the right arrow for your bow is important. Try to buy you bow and arrow together to make sure you find the perfect match. If you’re not sure, have an associate help you find the perfect arrows for your bow.



Also an aide for consistency, picking up a release, mechanical or otherwise, can greatly help you with your accuracy. Do a little research first. Try a couple different types of releases. Then come in-store when you have a better idea of what you’re looking for.



This is a device used to hold the arrow against the handle until it’s released.



Mounted on the riser of your bow, a sight helps you aim your arrow.



Now that you’ve got the basics out of the way, it’s time to get in some practice. Targets can be as simple or intricate as you prefer. Just keep in mind you’ll need some sort of a backstop (or block) to stop the arrow.



  • Arm Guard – used to protect your forearm from the bowstring.
  • Bow String Wax – a silicone based wax used to keep the bow in good shape.
  • Quiver – used to store your arrows
  • Bow Case – a container to keep your bow and arrows dry and clean.