Deer Hunting Checklist

Make sure you’re set for the season with our deer hunting checklist.

September 05, 2015

Just imagine it. You wake up well before dawn on the first day of deer season, and you begin digging in the darkness for your gear. Once you think you’ve gathered everything, you grab your coffee and head out into the chilly morning air.

It’s not until later in the day, after you’ve shot a trophy buck, that you realize you forgot your trusted field dressing knife—not to mention a flashlight that would really come in handy in the dim light of dusk.

Our deer hunting checklist can help ensure you never end up in the field without the essentials. Our list includes everything you might need before, during and after the hunt including deer attractants, binoculars and hunting backpacks. Whether you’re a beginner buying gear for the first time or a veteran trying to get organized, you can use our checklist to keep your preparation on target.

Double-check the list a few days before deer season begins to take the stress out of opening morning.