Archery Services
Whether you need a full bow setup or a little fine-tuning, we'll make sure you stay on target with every shot. Learn more about DICK'S archery services.

Archery Services

You train hard to perfect your shot, so your bow should perform exactly as you need it to when it matters most. Here's the services we offer to help make that happen.

Compound Bow

Compound Bows

When storing your bow, avoid extreme heat or cold and protect your equipment with a bow case or bag. Prior to use, always inspect your bow and bow string, checking for the following conditions: corrosion or rust; cracks or gouges; and frayed or loose string. Most archers require a professional bow tune-up at least once year and wax their string several times per year.

Arrows Services


Prior to each use, check your arrows to ensure they’re ready to perform safely and accurately. Never shoot an arrow you suspect has damage. Check for straightness by rolling arrows on a horizontal surface with the fletching hanging off the edge of the surface. Flex a carbon arrow slightly, listening for evidence of cracks or splinters. Inspect the nock, looking for cracks or damage and confirm it is seated properly. Store and transport arrows securely with a sturdy quiver or tube.

Save on Services When You Shop at DICK'S

Most archery services are free with related equipment purchase. Bows and arrows purchased online also qualify for in-store archery services with proof of purchase. Shop the full collection of archery equipment and find a store near you with our DICK'S Sporting Goods Store Locator.