Where Do You Want to Go?

E-bikes are the latest trend exciting both new and experienced cyclists looking for the best way to get out on two wheels! By adding a motor and battery to specially designed pedal-assist frames and wheels, electric bikes offer improved speed, power and distance. No matter where you're going, there's no part of the journey that an e-bike can't improve. Plus, with free in-store assembly and simple payment plans available with Affirm, it's easier than ever to hit the trail. Just select Affirm at checkout.


It won't do all the work—you do have to keep pedaling—but using a pedal-assist electric motor will help you cruise up hills or ride longer distances. Motors are measured in wattage: more watts equals more power.


Use the easy to reach controller to choose from 3 levels of pedal assist. E-bikes can support speeds up to 20 mph.


All electric bikes come equipped with a battery to help your journey. Battery range and top speed can vary depending on rider height and weight, and riding conditions like hills and wind.


The battery indicator will help notify how much power is remaining. Electric bikes charge like any electronic device with a standard outlet in just a few hours.