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Gait Analysis

Our Running PROS will analyze your running mechanics using our complimentary gait analysis service and pair you up with the perfect shoes for your run. After all, wearing the proper shoes helps your body align and absorb shock better, thus optimizing performance and helping reduce the risk of injury.

First, our PROS will film you jogging on our in-store treadmill. Then, they’ll review a slow-motion video with you to assess your stride and draw the angle of pronation as your foot strikes the belt. We’ll identify your gait type and make a few running shoe recommendations.

Running Environment

Another factor to consider is your running environment. Traditional running shoes are designed for pavement, indoor surfaces and packed-down trails. They are typically lighter shoes with flexible outsoles. If you're trail running, make sure you get shoes to match. Trail running shoes are built with dense rubber outsoles, offering tread and durability on off-road terrain.

Gait Type

Your gait cycle is based on how your foot makes contact with the ground and how it reacts when it leaves the ground and is in motion. There are three types of foot strikes.

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Running shoes purchased online also qualify for in-store running services with proof of purchase, so you can make sure you have the right fit for you. Shop the complete collection of running shoes and find a store near you with the DICK'S Sporting Goods Store Locator.

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Services vary by location. Contact your local store to determine which PROS services are available.