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Lacrosse Services
Design the perfect pocket at DICK’S Sporting Goods. Choose your mesh, string, lace and pattern and our Lacrosse PROS will outfit your pocket to help you maximize control. Dozens of high-quality color options are available so you can personalize your stick to match your school, team or league.


Your lacrosse pocket determines the track and whip of your ball, so it’s important to take care of it properly.

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Check your pocket regularly.

Make sure your pocket is in tip-top shape by checking it before and after gameplay. Signs of pocket damage and wear include mesh that's torn or frayed and loose or fraying sidewall string.

Consider bringing a backup lacrosse head to every game just in case of emergency. Make sure this pocket is in the same game-ready condition as your primary head.

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Extreme Conditions

Extreme weather can warp your pocket.

Wet conditions can cause your pocket to bag out and deepen, which will affect your game and violate league rules. Using newspaper to absorb excess moisture between games will help. On the other hand, extreme heat may cause your pocket to tighten up and become shallower. You can stretch the pocket back to your preferred depth using warm water.

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Break It In

Get better control on the field.

A properly broken-in pocket gives you better control. To stretch your pocket’s mesh and strings, firmly press a ball in the pocket until the mesh loosens. You can also wet the mesh with hot water to better loosen the fibers. The barrel of a baseball/softball bat or butt end of a lacrosse stick can also be used to stretch the mesh instead of a ball.

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