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Theragun percussive therapy devices are scientifically calibrated to reach deep into muscles to reduce tension, accelerate recovery, and improve mobility.


USDA Certified Organic CBD lotions and balms for pre-workout activation and post-workout recovery.

Wave Series

The most advanced rollers in recovery. Three distinct shapes. Three distinct purposes.

Therabody App

With a personalized app experience, our deep muscle treatment is tailored to your body’s real-time needs like never before.


Deep muscle treatment unlike anything you’ve ever felt. This is Massage Reinvented™.

"To be the best, you need the best recovery device. That's why I choose Theragun." - Cristiano Ronaldo

- Professional Soccer Player, Therabody Athlete

Trusted by Champions

"A true game changer...improves my muscle coordination and mobility, helps prevent injury." - Collin Morikawa, Major Champion and Theragun Athlete

The Theragun Difference

Theragun reaches 60% deeper into the muscle than the average massager, touching the body and then coming off of it 40x per second

Treatment On The Go

Compact but powerful, Theragun mini is an agile massage device that goes wherever you do

Quietforce Technology™

The motor we needed didn't exist, so we invented it. Our proprietary brushless motor delivers the renowned power of Theragun's deep muscle treatment while being quieter than ever.


Full-Spectrum Organic CBD. Created by Nature, Validated by Science.

Daily Wellness and Recovery, Reimagined

Discover a powerful, all-natural way to melt away stress and feel revitalized daily

USDA Certified Organic

Each of our products are USDA Certified Organic at or above the 95% mark. We’re redefining clean, effective CBD.

Inside Maria Sharapova's Recovery Routine

"Preparation and recovery are key to performing at your best." - Maria Sharapova, 5X Grand Slam Champion and Therabody Strategic Advisor

Independent 3rd Party Tested

Our products are independently tested 4 times, and the final product is sent to an independent third party laboratory to verify our test results.

Maximize Your Recovery

Pro surfer and Therabody Ambasador, John John Florence depends on TheraOne for calming post-workout inflammation and easing soreness after hard days on the water.

Wave Series

Three distinct shapes. Three distinct purposes.

"Whatever the distance. Whatever the level. I trust Therabody." - Sir Mo Farah

4x Gold Medalist, World and European Champion, and Therabody Athlete

Paul George's Recovery Protocol

"I use my Wave Roller every day. It's powerful and an essential part of my warmup and recovery." - Paul George, Pro Basketball Player and Theragun Athlete

Smart Connectivity

Connect your device to the Therabody app to adjust vibration intensity and discover guided routines.

Wave Texture

The unique and innovative silicone wave grooves add an additional dimension of pressure to the muscle.

Precisely Designed

Our line of rollers are precisely designed to adapt powerful vibration and pressure to the body's unique physiology.