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EvoShield XVT Gloss Jaw Guard
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EvoShield XVT Gloss Jaw Guard

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Learn More About Baseball Batting Helmets

Find the perfect fit for every at-bat with this selection of baseball helmets and accessories from DICK’S Sporting Goods. Whether you’re a player, parent or coach, you’ll find what you need here. DICK’S carries a wide assortment of batting helmets for kids, teens and adults. Shop a variety of sizes, styles and colors from trusted brands like Easton, adidas, Rawlings and more.

Learn more about the helmets and accessories available in this collection:

  • Baseball Helmets with Face Masks: DICK’S carries a great selection of baseball helmets that come with a face mask attached. These face masks are similar to those found on football helmets and can help provide additional protection when batting and running the bases.
  • Baseball Helmets with Flaps: These helmets feature an extension designed to help protect the jaw, cheek and mouth when batting. DICK’S carries batting helmets with flaps for both right- and left-handed hitters.
  • Open-Face Batting Helmets: These are the traditional-style helmets used in most amateur baseball leagues. They feature ear flaps on both sides and do not have additional face protection.
  • Baseball Helmet Accessories: DICK’S also sells baseball helmet face guards separately. Be aware that adding a face mask or jaw guard may void the manufacturer’s warranty and potentially make the helmet illegal in league play. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines and league rules before making any alterations to a helmet.

Find the perfect batting helmet using our Baseball Helmet Buying Guide.

Looking for more equipment to help keep players safe on the diamond? Shop our full selection of baseball protective gear.

Keep the following factors in mind when choosing your new baseball helmet:

  • Size: It’s fairly easy to find your helmet size at home. Grab a measuring tape and wrap it once around the head, making sure to stay above the ears and eyebrows. This will give you the circumference of the head, which is how most manufacturers list their helmet sizes on our product pages. When you receive the helmet, make sure it fits securely and does not move when swinging a bat or running.
  • Helmet Type: As mentioned in the Selection section above, DICK’S primarily carries three types of baseball helmets: helmets with face masks, helmets with flaps, and open-face helmets. Make sure to check league regulations to ensure the helmet is legal for play. If the league allows players to wear any type of helmet, choose the style that provides maximum comfort and confidence in the batter’s box. Some players appreciate the additional coverage that face masks provide, while others prefer the feel of a flap — including an increasing number of MLB players. Still, others insist on the unobstructed view offered by open-face helmets.
  • Safety Standards: To help ensure you get the highest quality equipment, choose a helmet that meets NOCSAE standards.