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adidas Trilogy Fastpitch Batting Helmet
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adidas Trilogy Fastpitch Batting Helmet


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Learn More About Baseball Batting Helmets

Up To The Plate: Baseball & Softball Helmets

Never overlook the importance of your baseball or softball helmet. Players of all ages and skill levels should wear this critical piece of equipment every time they step up to the plate.

The latest generation of batting helmets come with a variety of technology-inspired features and materials. Expect your helmet to be engineered for both safety and comfort. Shop styles for adults or kids' baseball helmets.

Most helmets are approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, which regulates safety requirements for sports helmets. Get the color, material and technology you need to play with confidence.

Shop industry-leading helmet brands, including Rawlings®, Easton®, adidas® and Under Armour®.

Your batting helmet should never get in the way of your game. Look for a helmet designed with a lightweight yet protective design.

A high-impact ABS shell provides the ultimate in shock absorption. Built-in ventilation holes allow for natural air-flow as you play. Many of today's baseball helmets come with a moisture-wicking liner, designed to transport perspiration away from skin to keep you feeling fresh. Antimicrobial technology ensures the longevity of your helmet's inner liner. Look for dual-density or EVA padding in your batting helmet, which provides a more customized fit.

Consider whether you would like to wear a facemask with your helmet. Some helmets come with a built-in mask for face protection, while others can be added to a helmet for a more customized headpiece.

Baseball helmets are available in a variety of colors, designs and finishes, so choose one that fits your game.

Remember, it's critical for your batting helmet to fit snugly and securely. If a helmet is loose it will not absorb the impact of a ball. Measure the circumference of a player's head at its widest point. Brands typically use inches to determine helmet size.

Helmet sizes can vary greatly from brand to brand, so always consult product guidelines before purchasing. Large helmets typically range from 22 ½ to 24 ½ inches. Small helmets are generally less than 21 ½ inches. Some helmets are available as one-size fits all.

Ear protection is a critical feature on your helmet. Right-handed batters need an ear guard on the left side, while left-handed batters require a guard on their right ear. Many modern helmets are available with ear protection on both sides.

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