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Learn More About Football Pads & Protective Gear

Gridiron-Ready: Learn More About Football Pads & Protective Gear

The latest football padding blends comfort and performance so you can shield yourself without sacrificing mobility. Shop football shoulder pads for adult and youth players. Suit up with integrated compression gear, including shorts, shirts, girdles and sleeves. Customize your padding with neck rolls, hip and tail pads and athletic cups.

Your football protection should be durable, lightweight and deliver maximum shock absorption. Football shoulder pads with cutaway arches improve range of motion, while padding that contours to your body delivers a chafe-free feel.

Consider the fit of your football protective gear. This step is essential to finding the correct padding for your game. View the guidelines below to learn more about fitting your football protection:

1. Stand up straight with your arms at your sides.

2. Measure your shoulder width across your back from one AC joint to the other (these are the joints between the tops of your shoulders), and record this number. Round up a half-inch to determine your shoulder width size.

3. Take measuring tape and find the circumference of the chest by wrapping around your chest, under the armpits, and record this number.

4. Youth sizes are also typically determined by weight class, so it is important to know your weight as well.

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Consider your position:

Quarterback & Skilled Players:

  • Lightweight padding allows for maximum speed and better range of motion
  • Avoid excess or heavy epaulets that weigh you down or restrict movement
  • Low-profile design keeps pads from riding up or obstructing your view of the field or an open man
  • High-impact foam protects against strong, play-ending hits from the defense
  • For quarterbacks more focused on the running game, consider pads specifically designed for running backs or wide receivers, which provide more protection


  • High-impact padding protects against the roughest of plays
  • Features plated front pads that give a secure, locked-in fit that also minimize the need to readjust
  • Heavier construction in comparison to quarterback or running back pads, though light enough to make quick cuts


  • Toughest, heaviest pads protect against constant, hard-hitting opponents
  • No excess epaulets for opposing linemen to grab onto

Integrated compression technology is a must-have for your season. Compression technology is designed to deliver a second-skin fit, contouring to your body to provide added muscle support and boosted blood circulation.

Some compression shirts, girdles and sleeves are crafted with sewn-in foam padding in key impact areas—for example, the shoulders, thighs and tailbone. Integrated compression can help provided an added degree of protection from hits, without hindering your mobility.

Integrated Compression Girdles

  • Worn underneath standard compression pants, delivers lightweight impact protection
  • Padding already sewn into girdle
  • Padded areas may include the thighs, hips and tailbone

Integrated Compression Pants

  • Worn over top of standard compression girdles, delivers lightweight impact protection
  • Padding already sewn into pants