Men's Base Layers and Cold Weather Compression

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Learn More About Men's Base Layers, Shirts & Pants

Men's Base Layers for Any Weather Condition

Have you ever started out on a run when it is freezing cold, but by the time you are halfway through, you are shedding clothing? While we can't fix all of your outdoor fitness woes, base layering with items from DICK'S Sporting Goods will allow you to dress accordingly. By layering up on effective yet lightweight clothing, you can prepare yourself for nearly any weather condition. Whether you are a spectator at an event or an active participant, base layers can help you stay comfortable. Investing in men's compression gear creates a wardrobe that is versatile and creative. Shopping at DICK'S Sporting Goods for base layers for men should be your first stop in creating multi-faceted outfits.

Some of the best-selling base layers for men include:

  • Men's Base Layer Pants: Tech pants, joggers, leggings, compression pants and shorts are all useful for developing layered outfits.
  • Men's Base Layer Shirts: Tank tops, T-shirts and long-sleeve shirts are all great options for layering.
  • Men's Layering Jackets: With mock necks or crew necks, insulated or not, compression or loose fit, jackets can serve as the top layer of any outfit.

Shop men's compression pants, shirts and more at DICK'S Sporting Goods to create the perfect layering system.

The Science Behind Base Layers for Men

Have you ever wondered why multiple layers of clothes can make you feel cooler, warmer or dryer all at once? When using proper fabrics and layering techniques, this phenomenon can help wick away sweat and trap body heat. Layers can be removed as needed, allowing you to control your body temperature. Base layer pants for men, for example, serve a variety of purposes. DICK'S Sporting Goods offers a range of men's apparel to keep you on the field, ice or court as long as it takes.