Promotions, Discount Codes and ScoreCard Rewards Certificates

To redeem your promotion, discount code or ScoreCard Rewards Certificate, follow these steps on the cart or payment page:

  1. Enter the case-sensitive code in the "Promotion Code" box on the Cart or "ScoreCard Rewards" box on the payment page.
  2. Select "Apply"
  3. If your discount qualifies, it will be displayed in the order summary

Keep in mind the following factors when using a promotion, discount code or ScoreCard Reward:

  • Only one discount code or ScoreCard Reward can be applied per order.
  • A promotional code and a ScoreCard Reward cannot be combined on a purchase.
  • Entering multiple codes or ScoreCard Rewards will override the value of your first code or ScoreCard Reward number.
  • There may be additional vendor and/or exclusions that may apply. To learn more, please see our Promo Exclusions.
  • Your ScoreCard Reward is not redeemable for online services or service items, including sales tax, shipping, gift cards, gift certificates, warranties and gift wrapping.
  • Your ScoreCard Reward certificate is not redeemable online when it is valued at more than $500.
  • Your total order must be equal to or greater than the entered value of your ScoreCard Rewards certificate. The total amount of your certificate must be redeemed at one time.

Where is my ScoreCard Reward Number?

Your ScoreCard Reward number is the 11-character, alphanumeric code on the front of your ScoreCard Reward Certificate. This figure contains no spaces and begins with "RWD".

Your ScoreCard Reward Certificate can be used only once and is invalid after its expiration date.

Have additional questions? Contact the ScoreCard Hotline at 1-800-440-4002.